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Robi Quilter

Robi Quilter

Recently Robi was awarded 2nd place for Customer Experience out of over 1000 Harcourts agents for the Northern Region (from the Bombays to the top of NZ). Justifiably proud of this achievement, Robi has always strived to provide an exceptional service and this award was a welcome surprise for her.


This prestigious award acknowledges Robi’s desire to put her customers and clients first and demonstrates her drive to follow through on a promise. She goes to great lengths to ensure a happy outcome for everyone in the transaction.


Robi has been at the top level of the Harcourts franchise (covering 7 offices in the Far North) since 2014. She works quietly and meticulously while maintaining a ‘can do’ approach. She enjoys the challenges that her real estate career has afforded her since she started on this path in 2011. Elly Vanasche, a young agent with two years’ experience, has recently joined Robi providing extra support for her flourishing business.


Balancing a busy schedule with her passion for cruising the Bay of Islands, Robi can be found on her days off living the dream with her husband of 32 years on their 11.5m launch Tapui. Walking around Motorua Island is the non-negotiable of Robi’s time out and they both are strong supporters of Project Island Birdsong and keeping our islands predator free.

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