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Jay Prestt

Jay Prestt

Starting his property career while working in Sydney for a local businessman, Jay’s interest in real estate was sparked. Returning home to Kerikeri has provided the opportunity to peruse this career with a passion.

Jay’s extensive local knowledge enables both buyers and sellers who are looking to make the next step, to do so with complete trust in his ability. His philosophy is simple and is what Jay calls the modern approach – ‘Be open and be honest with all parties by giving candid feedback’. This honesty, in conjunction with detailed buyer feedback gives sellers the necessary knowledge to make decisions when the time comes, and buyers are assured they are getting the best possible service. Jay prides himself in putting together a custom strategy, that endeavours to achieve results within the desired timeframe.  

When work allows, Jay enjoys all aspects of the outdoors. He can be seen out enjoying the tracks on his mountain bike or enjoying a game of tennis at the local club. Being a sailor at heart, he loves the thrills of sailing and kitesurfing in the warm waters of the winterless north. Growing up, he sailed the world with his family and was introduced to many different cultures. This has equipped him with empathy, respect and understanding; attributes essential in building client relationships and succeeding in today’s hectic real estate market.

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