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Tom Rutherford AREINZ

Tom Rutherford

Five generations of Tom’s family have grown to respect and enjoy this wonderful country, working the land and sailing the coast as traders. Tom has spent more than 10 years in real estate, previously owning and running one of NZ’s largest wire and tube manufacturing companies.  With an extensive maritime and agriculture family history, Tom is proud and excited to be working with a wonderful team that take pride in their work and are passionate about living, enjoying and promoting the winterless north. A region of New Zealand that is very proud of its heritage, cultural values and history. Tom and his wife Jenny, cannot speak highly enough of the Far North, from the welcoming communities, friendly people, amazing scenery to some of the world’s best coastline.


Trust and professionalism are key works in Toms life and he welcomes discussion on real estate, the great northland region or the fantastic lifestyle opportunity.